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Staff Blog - Growing Up and Growing Out

Growing Up and Growing Out

Posted by Jeff Dalrymple on

One thing all kids do is grow. They constantly get bigger, learn new things, and expand as they experience the world with fresh eyes.

That’s why Kid’s Harbor is all about growth. While we do not control the physical growth of kids, we want to focus on how the children grow spiritually, mentally, and socially. We want our children to grow up together, in a fun, safe, and gospel centered environment, surrounded by loving, caring people who will guide them. We want the kids to grow in their understanding of God as well as grow stronger in their relationship with God. No matter how you look at it, Kid’s Harbor thrives on growth.  

On October 29th, Kid’s Harbor grew in size when we dedicated two babies to the Lord. Madilynn and Camden’s families decided they would like these children to be raised as part of the family of God. We are so excited to welcome them in and join them in the beginning of this journey where they will grow. Kid’s Harbor hopes to continue to grow by joining in with children and their families as they come to know God and commit to walking with Him.

Kid’s Harbor is also helping kids grow in their relationships with God. Every week, each classroom teaches children about God and the Bible by sharing Bible stories, doing crafts, and playing games. One significant way we engage the kids spiritually is through worship. The past few months have been dedicated to growing a worship team with excited and talented individuals who want to play music and lead children. We now have three dedicated teenagers who are excited to lead the kids in worship through singing, playing instruments, and teaching fun hand motions as the children learn to worship God with both their heads and their hearts.

This next season in Kid’s Harbor is focused on growing the perspectives of these children.beyond the scope of their own world. We are partnering with the Global Team to teach the kids about Harbor’s mission in El Mirador and the work God is doing there right now. We are excited to share the joy of being part of a family that expands beyond the doors of the church, outside of Chelmsford or Lowell, and reaches the ends of the earth. The kids have heard stories about Harbor’s trip to El Mirador, about the people that are being served, and about the needs of the community. They are learning about the impact that they can make through prayer, action, and giving. The kids have taken pictures of themselves and are making cards to send on the next trip. We also began a Penny Drive to raise money for El Mirador. Each kid took home an empty bottle to fill with spare change and earned money with the goal of raising enough money to buy the community anything from a Health kit, to a pig, to an entire farm.

Kid’s Harbor is always growing, internally and externally. As we move to the future, we want to grow spiritually sound children. We want to grow leaders out of the children. We want to grow in volunteers. No matter how we grow, we want to make sure we keep growing with God, and let him nourish our growth for His glory.