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Harbor of Hope


Sunday services will be held online live at 10:00
Jump into our Zoom call at 10:00 on Sunday morning to join together in worship as the body of Christ. Join the call by following the link below!  This works even on weeks when we are meeting in person.  If you are unable to attend in person, you can still join us using Zoom.


As situations change, we will continue to be in contact with Chelmsford Board of Health for guidance regarding gathering in person. We will resume in-person worship gatherings in our building every Sunday starting September 12th. These services also will be live-streamed on Zoom using the above link.

Re-Engage: We have many opportunities both immediately and starting in September with our First Impressions Team (F.I.T.), tech team, Kid’s Harbor, Hope Café, and more. How will you serve in this new season? Sign up to volunteer on our website

Amenities: There will be hand sanitizer available at the main entrance, at each of the entrances to the worship area, and outside the restrooms. The garage doors will remain open to the café.

Welcome: Greeters will welcome you but not initiate physical contact. Please ask if you wish to shake hands or share a hug. Thank you for being mindful of the comfort level of others. We encourage you to stay after the event to connect with people.

Seating: For the comfort of those preferring some social distance, please ask those already seated if neighboring seats are available.

Communion: We will be distributing pre-filled juice/wafer sets as you enter so we can take communion together in the service.

Worship: Singing is allowed.

Kid's Harbor and HSM: Beginning 9/12, our children and student ministries will resume meeting on Sunday morning. We will have programming available for kids from age 3 and up. At this time, we are not able to provide a 2 and under classroom, but will have the Common Room available for families who want to watch the service with their little ones in a space where they can move around a little more. Visit our Kid’s Harbor or HSM to learn more about what programming will look like for our kids and students!


  • Mask – In order to prevent the spread of the Delta variant, we are asking that everyone wear a mask to our services, regardless of vaccination status. For the comfort and protection of our community, all of our volunteers will be wearing masks. Thank you for being mindful of the comfort level of others.
  • Beverage – to reduce contact, we will not have water or other beverages available. Please bring your own.

We’re all in this together! So please continue to follow these guidelines before you attend one of our services:

  • If you or anyone in your party has any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please join us online instead.
  • If you or anyone in your party has had prolonged exposure to anyone who’s tested positive for COVID-19, please join us online instead.

During difficult times we need one another.

In these coming months you may find yourself in need of help financially, emotionally and practically. There may also be times where you have an excess of resources to give back to your community. We need each other now more than ever before. Check out these resources for opportunities to be generous, to connect with your community and receive aid. 

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Today, we began a series called "Life Together", about who we are as The Church. We learned that we are Children of God, so we love like Him.

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A Call to Action Tears don’t seem to stop streaming down my face. I am anxious.I’m angry.I’m sad.I’m tired.In the past I tried to ignore or control those feelings. I have since learned that they are a gift. Jesus got tired.Jesus wept.Jesus got angry.They are gifts from him.They are signs that we are human.Today, they are reminding me that we’re called to “carry each other’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2). 200 years of legalized slavery.89 years of... Read More →