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Sunday services are ONLINE ONLY for the month of January.
In person services will resume on February 6th.
Join our online service on Zoom by clicking the link below.
Looking forward to worshipping with you! 

 As part of the current sermon series Sacred RhythmsKati is providing additional resources to help deepen your spiritual disciplines on the Sacred Rhythms page.  Check back each week for more material related to the current week's message.

Latest Message

Sacred Rhythms:Time Alone and Time With Others

By Kati Pessin
January 23rd, 2022

Today we learned about the rhythm between solitude and fellowship and why we need both of these spiritual practices.

From the Blog

A Call To Action

June 10th, 2020

A Call to Action Tears don’t seem to stop streaming down my face. I am anxious.I’m angry.I’m sad.I’m tired.In the past I tried to ignore or control those feelings. I have since learned that they are a gift. Jesus got tired.Jesus wept.Jesus got angry.They are gifts from him.They are signs that we are human.Today, they are reminding me that we’re called to “carry each other’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2). 200 years of legalized slavery.89 years of... Read More →