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Staff Blog - EL Mirador 2020 Day 2

EL Mirador 2020 Day 2

Posted by Olivia Tocci on

Today was our first full day in El Mirador, and wow what an incredible day! We started off the morning with home visits and construction. The construction project for the week is a home renovation. The home belongs to relatives of the Travers families sponsor child, so they enjoyed having that connection. There were many emotions surrounding this particular home. The condition of the home is eye opening. Someone from our team sent pictures to his mother and the first thing she said was “do people really live in that home?” Although the answer is yes, they are honestly just happy to have help and support in the process of renovating their home. It’s humbling to know that their gratitude is purely based on what they do have. It seems obvious to say, but how often is our gratitude based on the entitlement of what we think we should have anyway. The people of El Mirador have so little compared to us, and yet they focus on what they have rather than focusing on what they don’t have.

One thing that Food For The Hungry has a high standard of is the home visits. We walk around the community and visit different homes. This is a way to get to know the people, hear about their needs, and pray for them. Today we received many prayers requests for health. One woman who had a cyst on her back asked for prayer because the free clinic didn’t provide the medication that she needed to treat it. Without the money to receive the right care, she is left to place it all in God’s hands. What a testimony of genuine faith!

We ended the day with a community meeting that they held as a way to welcome us. It was amazing hearing updates from the people on how much change they have seen since Food For The Hungry has come into their community. Things like a preschool program and the water filtration system. Many of them also thanked us for our involvement and expressed a desire for us to feel like El Mirador is our home. I can confidently say that while in El Mirador you do feel like everyone here is family. It’s quite a beautiful thing.

This was a jam packed day, because then we held a VBS for the children! We started what will be three days of sharing the story of Joseph. The kids were so welcoming to our new team members as well as asking for past members.

What a day! Everyone’s healthy and excited for what else God has in store.

*Unfortunately there’s not enough service for me to send good quality pictures; which means you’ll just have to come to church March 8th! : )