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Stay on Target: The Mission of God and the Church

Thursday, September 29 | We are his: dedication

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read Psalm 95 “We are the people.” As we talk this week about our first strategy for accomplishing our mission, we’re talking about worship. We said that in worship we align ourselves as individuals and as a community around the reality of God and His mission. Worship also...

Wednesday, September 28 | he is God: reality

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read Psalm 95 “For He is our God.” When we come together for worship as a community, we are aligned together. We align over the reality of who God is. Read Psalm 95, noting the descriptions of God. When we affirm together that God is God, we are affirming that we are not. When we...

Friday September 23 | Reaching "The One"

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read Luke 15:8-10 “Go after the one.” We spent some time earlier this week talking about the idea of “The One.”  We said that sometimes businesses will determine their “target audience” and then build their business strategies to be most useful in...

Thursday September 22 | Right here

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read Acts 1:6-11 “In Jerusalem.”  Yesterday, we said that our mission to partner with God in restoring shalom is broad in its geographic focus - God wants all creation to flourish. Today, we’ll look at the first part of Acts 1:8. Our focus on people is broad and specific...

Wednesday September 21 | Everywhere

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read Acts 1:6-11 “To the ends of the earth.”  Just before Jesus went back to heaven, he told his disciples what he wanted them to do. Each Gospel writer captured this command differently. We’ve already talked about Matthew’s version of the Great Commission. In the...

Tuesday September 20 | The One

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read Luke 15:1-7   “Go after the one.”  This parable in Luke 15 is one of the most powerful pictures of the focus of our mission found in Scripture. The religious people in Jesus’ day were bothered that Jesus spent so much time with people who didn’t look...

Monday September 19 | Everyone

Posted by Kati Pessin on

Read 1 Timothy 2:1-6   All. 1 Timothy 2:4 tells us that God wants ALL people to be saved and to know Him. Last week we talked about God’s mission to restore shalom: being known by all and all creation flourishing. We said that our mission (helping people find their way back to God)...

Friday September 16 | God's Mission: Our Mission

Posted by Kati Pessin on

“Helping people find their way back to God.” This is how we express our mission at Harbor of Hope. I hope that after the past few days, you can see how this mission is not something unique or new that we here at Harbor just came up with on our own because it sounded cool! No, our...