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Harbor of Hope

Our Story

Harbor of Hope opened our doors in downtown Lowell in 1999. Since that time we have grown from a core group of twenty to a community of hundreds. In 2003, we relocated to the Chelmsford Mills in North Chelmsford.

From day one, our heart's desire has been to see the Greater Lowell region transformed by the beautiful realities of what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are committed to making Christ's love visible by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those around us. Our dream is to help more and more people find their way back to God resulting in changed lives, families, and futures.

Our vision is to be a gathering of followers of Jesus Christ who share a commitment to live fully, love deeply, and give freely.


Our hearts are captivated by the timeless biblical narrative, which tells us that we were created to know and delight in our Creator God. Though sin has wrecked our lives, God has pursued us in his mercy and invited us back into a relationship through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. As we walk together in Christ, every moment of our lives becomes an opportunity to live fully by enjoying God, delighting in the beauty and goodness of His creation, living out his purposes for our lives, and walking in the confidence that He is good, faithful and true.


As we come to personally experience our God, who is Love, we have a growing desire to love others deeply. Created in God's image, each of us share a common longing to be loved, appreciated, and valued for who we are. As we grow in our understanding of this truth, we begin to see every encounter with family, friends, and neighbors as a ripe opportunity to reflect the love of God in tangible ways. When we love one another as the church, God's love is made complete in us.


We desire to give freely because we are the recipients of the greatest expression of generosity known to man, the kindness of God poured out on us through Jesus Christ. Jesus became poor to make us rich, and as we respond to His leadership in our lives, we come to see that everything we have been given - resources, talents, time, opportunities - are ultimately gifts to leverage for the good of our neighbor and the glory of God. There is no greater opportunity than that of actively participating in what God is doing in our lives, neighborhoods, communities, and world.

We fully believe that all are welcome at Harbor regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. Our understanding of God and Scripture is that the church should be the safest place for people of all walks of life and faith to gather together to discover more about our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We hope that you'll decide to join us, exactly as you are...

–Harbor Staff & Elders

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