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Staff Blog - Note from Jed's Desk (#9)

Note from Jed's Desk (#9)

Posted by Jed Mullenix on


Can you believe that in less than four weeks, church communities around the world will be gathering to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? 

As Christians we understand that this single moment in history changes everything about who we are, how we live, and what we hope for our world! Because of Christ’s death, we can walk with confidence and courage into the presence of our Heavenly Father knowing that our sinful record has been wiped clean. Because of Jesus’ resurrection, we belong to a conquering King who is worthy of our deepest affection and can be trusted with our whole-hearted allegiance. Because Jesus’ tomb stands empty, we eagerly long for the day when He will return to put an end once and for all to the things that break our hearts...sin, pain, suffering, loss, and death! 

Easter should lead us toward very purposeful and joy-filled celebration! Here are a few things that will help you prepare for the party.    

Gather – We will be offering four worship gatherings on Easter weekend: Saturday evening at 5:00 & 6:30, and Sunday morning at 9:00 & 10:30. 

Invite – What is a party without a guest list? Prayerfully consider inviting a family member, friend or neighbor to join you for a worship gathering and take them out for a meal afterwards! We believe that God is able to do more than we can imagine in another person’s life through a simple invitation! 

Give – If Harbor is your home church and your schedule is flexible, consider offering the best seats and parking spaces to our new guests! So...choose a worship gathering other than the 10:30 on Sunday (which is hands-down our fullest gathering), and if you're physically able, please park in our overflow lot. Giving away the best seats and spaces is a simple way to say to a guest, “We love you!”

Pray – Finally, please pray alongside us for every person who walks through our doors on Easter weekend. Ask God to bring to life the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection so that we will love Him more and many others will love Him for the first time! 

Harbor, our mission is to Help People Find Their Way Back to GodI pray that you will personalize this mission in the days ahead by blessing people in your life, inviting them around the table for a meal, and including them in the celebration.   

I love you, and look forward to seeing you this weekend!