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Staff Blog - Note from Jed's Desk (#16)

Note from Jed's Desk (#16)

Posted by Jed Mullenix on


Last weekend, we celebrated all of the hours and dollars that were given during Generosity Weekend to further the causes of Christ in our communities and around the world! To all of you who participated with us through service or financial generosity, thank you! 

To date, over $24,000 has been given toward the GW offering and we are passing along your gifts to the recipients this week! Thank you!! 

Don’t forget that this weekend marks the beginning of our summer schedule! Please remember that we will not be gathering on Saturday evenings until the weekend after Labor Day. 


Beginning June 14th, we will be offering our worship gatherings at 9 & 10:30. Keep in mind that because our 10:30 service tends to be full week-to-week, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider joining us through the summer for the 9am gathering! This only if it works for your personal or family schedule! 

By doing so, you’ll help us be able to offer an open seat to every person who walks through our doors! 

I’m proud of you and your commitment to Helping People Find Their Way Back to God! As you make plans for the weekend, prayerfully consider inviting a friend to join you for a worship gathering! 

We look forward to seeing you!