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Staff Blog - El Mirador 2020 Day 5

El Mirador 2020 Day 5

Posted by Olivia Tocci on

Our last day in El Mirador was such a beautiful celebration of what the entire week was. We visited the kids school in the morning so we could spend some extra time with them. This was such a fun time and the kids tired us out yet again!

In the afternoon we mostly just cleaned up, packed, and got ready for our goodbye ceremony. This is something the community puts on for our team as a way to say thank you to us for coming. Many different leaders from their community got up spoke. It brought tears to our eyes listening to the gratitude they have. Stacy, Aaron, and Tali, also got up and gave words on behalf of our team! All three mentioned in their own way that being in their community has taught US so much too. This couldn’t be more true! We go on these trips thinking we are going to make an impact, but they are making an impact too. After the ceremony we played with the kids more, took silly selfies and nice pictures, and sadly said our goodbyes. This is a very hard time for the team. Many of us get asked if we are coming back again next year. For some of us that answer will be yes!

As our trip comes to an actual end though, I’m reflective on this entire process. Going back home can be hard, but also empowering. We are coming home with new perspectives, stories, and a whole lot of hope. Hope for the community of El Mirador, and also hope that we can create some of what we experienced here back home. We learned so much from them about real community, gratitude, joy, and being fully present.

What an incredible week! Shalmai said it best.. When someone asks why we went on this trip, just say “because people matter”.