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Staff Blog - El Mirador 2020 Day 3

El Mirador 2020 Day 3

Posted by Olivia Tocci on

Another day in the books! In the morning we did some home visits while a couple of the team members drove to another community to visit some of their sponsor children. In the afternoon the sky let loose and down poured, so we weren’t able to go to the school for sponsor visits like planned. After the rain let up though, some people were able to visit their sponsor children in the afternoon; after several of the team members played in the rain of course! Sometimes it takes the teenager of the team to motivate us to step outside of our comfort zones : )

Since the children in the community are in school, it makes visiting them in their homes more difficult. Our time in the community is so limited, so we want to make sure we fit in the things most important. Therefore we have been going to the school to see them, while Food For The Hungry takes them out for a bit so we can spend time with them there. The children are so shy! The translators say that before we get there they have all these questions they want to ask us, but then they get so nervous once they are with us that they get quiet and say nothing. Many of them approach the translators after, asking them to say things they didn’t ask us when they were with us. So funny!

VBS went amazing again. Liz Travers is a rock star for organizing our lessons for the week! We also handed out purses and pencil cases to all the children that Laurel Hansen crocheted herself. God has blessed us with such an incredible team this year. We ended the day with a young boy coming to the center with a several day old knee wound that needed medical care. Good thing we have Stacy Mood on our team who is an actual nurse! His knee was clearly infected, so she tended to it and explained to him how he can keep it clean. He will come back every day for her to check and re-bandage it. These are the types of things we take for granted in America.

Our team is having a great time both getting to know the people of El Mirador and one another. Everyone is supporting each other, getting along, and working hard to stay united as a team. Trips like this can be difficult when everyone is tired and out of our comfort zones. So we don’t take this for granted! We give thanks to the Lord for keeping us safe and protected in this regard. Not today Satan! We were all sent for a purpose, so we don’t have time for the devils schemes of disunity among our team.

So far everyone is still healthy. Thank you for your continuous prayers! Keep praying.