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Staff Blog - But Who Does God Say You Are?

But Who Does God Say You Are?

Posted by Anastasia Bryan on

Our mission in the Young Adult’s group at Harbor is to help young adults find their way back to God through falling in love with God’s word in community.

It has been such a blessing to see the provisions and truths of a faithful God! One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen over the past year, has been seeing people truly examine their identities.

Who am I when the world says I am not physically attractive?

Who am I if I am the “black sheep” of my family?

What would the church think of me if they knew my story?

How and why does the Bible say one thing and my heart says another?

What does God think of me now that I am “damaged goods”?

These are all questions that we have all faced at some point, and they are still being asked. These questions are heartbreaking, and while they may seem trivial or easy to answer, they bring about a larger question, one that I have in turn asked myself and our group:

But who does God say you are?

God says that you are beautiful, inside and out. God says that you are HIS sons and daughters. God says to love each other as we love ourselves, and that we are all broken. God says that we are made in His image, and to seek His will for our lives.

And then a light flickers on, the gears start turning. Eyes brighten and smiles start to appear. The “hope” we always refer to, as Christians, suddenly doesn’t seem so out of reach. The God in the Bible and the God of our lives become one in the same!

In our group, we challenge each other and read scripture together. We pray with each other and we hold each other accountable. We encourage each other to constantly look to God and His word for our identities, not to what who the world tells us we are.

The world will always say that we are lacking, that we aren’t enough, that we will constantly be coming up short. But our God says that we ARE ENOUGH, that we ARE WORTHY, and that there IS HOPE. We get to remind each other of that hope every day, and every day I love that God has given us to each other.