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Staff Blog - A Conversation about Faith: Starting Point

A Conversation about Faith: Starting Point

Posted by Emma Liddle on

Everyone has a starting point. 

We'd like to think we started in the middle of things, but we didn't. We had small beginnings. We became who we are step by step, putting things together: information, experiences, love, growth. It's a process, and it can be tough and confusing and weird and wonderful all at the same time. Let's be honest: it can be really messy. Definitely uncomfortable at times. But it all adds up to who we are. 

The same goes for our spiritual journey. We'd like to think we can put our hours in, show up on Sunday, and then be all set. We can come in as spiritual babies at 9:30, and then once church is over about an hour and a half later, we'll have it all figured out. 

But it's not so easy. Yes, Sunday mornings are great! But there are other things that come into play that help us grow in our spiritual journeys. And it's an engaging process, a process that requires us to show up and get some skin in the game. You need to experience it in multiple ways with different people. And it takes time. Years, even. An entire lifetime, actually.

The trouble is: when it comes to faith, it seems like there are some things we just can't talk about. Some things we just can't question. Some things that are off limits. Especially in church. We think that when it comes to faith, the uncomfortable, messy, tough stuff should be set aside or only talked about far, far away from church, or not talked about at all. 

Which is where Starting Point comes in. 

Starting Point is one of our groups we offer at Harbor. Like our other groups, it's a safe place, where you can meet and get to know other people. What's really great about Starting Point, though, is that you can show up and engage and ask the questions and share the thoughts you have had about faith and God and nothing is off limits. It's not about an expert or a teacher telling you what to think and believe and giving you all the answers. It's about conversation. It's a place where all are welcome, and we will wrestle, together. It's about coming together and having a dialogue and seeing where it takes us. 

It's a place for people who are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity. It's for people who question or have doubts. It's for people who haven't been to church for a while... or ever. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please come and check it out! Our first meeting will be on January 29th at 7PM at Harbor, and we'd love to have you there. To sign up, follow this link, check off the box for Starting Point, and we'll get you connected.