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Harbor of Hope

COVID-19 Response Letter

COVID-19 Response Letter

Message from the Elders and Staff

For over 20 years, we have gathered as a community with one purpose: to help people find their way back to God. It has not always looked like gathering in our space in North Chelmsford. We have met in homes and in schools. And now, because of the Coronavirus we will need to spend a few weeks being the church, but not meeting together in person.

Our Staff and Elder team is committed to loving the people in our community well, and believe the best way to love people well in this situation is to do everything we can to slow the spread of this virus and in doing so, ensure that the people we love who are vulnerable remain safe, and that medical professionals and facilities are not overwhelmed by overcrowding. In order to do our part in this, we have decided that  we will not be meeting in person until further notice. We will also ask all journey groups to meet via online platforms like Zoom, or pause for the next few weeks.

But we will not stop being the church! This is an incredibly important time to share the hope of Jesus. We will be recording messages that we will share on social media, on our website and in our app. We will also send it via email in an e-update. If you don't already, follow us on facebook and instagram. Our hope is to find a way to meet virtually on Sunday mornings as soon as possible. Our prayer is we will meet in person again soon.

I know that the loss of our weekly worship experience and journey groups is so very disappointing. These next weeks will be hard. But our hope is that we will find creative ways to care for one another. Call and send a card if you can’t connect in person with your small group. Host a FB or zoom meet-up.  Most importantly- continue to pray. We will also provide opportunities for our community to pray together- and these new ways will be unique. 

The Elder and Staff team made this difficult choice based on many conversations with local leaders. 

Leaders at Harbor are actively working to find a way to help those who have spiritual, emotional and physical needs know their church family is working to support one another. We will be crafting ways to keep connected. You are so important. Know that we love you and will continue to be here for you. A simple way to connect with our care team is to send an email to c or to call 978-251-3999 and leave a message. Someone on our team will reach out as soon as possible.We will send out more information about all of this in the days ahead. 

But for tonight, I want you to go to sleep and remember that in the dark moments, God is here. He has not forgotten us. My prayer for our community is that His peace will guard our heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

We love you Harbor!
Kelly Tibbitts and the Staff and Elder team